What is Resin Art in India? What type of art works we can create with resin?

What is Epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin is basically a two-component systems consisting of two liquids called Resin and Hardener. Then these two components are mixed in a certain ratio resulting to take place a chemical reaction so that the two liquids gradually hardens to form a solid plastic within hours. The result will be a high -gloss and clear surface. it is used in many applications like for varnishing paintings, kitchen table tops, wall panels , Resin jewelry and Wall d├ęcor etc.

What is Resin art ?

With help of this Epoxy resin, we can create some amazing marvelous, elegant resin art works. Normally resin is transparent liquid but we use some color pigments, mica powders or concentrated resin color to epoxy resin and we can do resin paintings, do resin casting -there is endless possibilities . Resin is durable and strong medium which results in a high-gloss and protective finish so which allow it to create a Varity of effects in art. Epoxy resin is a versatile medium due to its applications.

What type of resin art work we can create with resin ?

We know that resin is a versatile medium. we can create some fabulous art work such as resin jewelry, resin ocean theme, resin bookmarks, resin Christmas ornaments, resin geode art work etc. lets see what type of art works we can create along with pictures